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Alexandro Pedro Ximenez (375 ml)

Alexandro Pedro Ximenez (375 ml)

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The Alexandro Pedro Ximénez Sherry is a wildly delicious and exuberant dessert style sweet wine made from 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes in the clay rich soils of Cádiz. The white grapes (don’t be fooled by the color of the Sherry) hang on the vines for as long as possible to develop all the sugar possible before turning into wine. The grapes have such an intense concentration of sugar that it has a hard time fermenting, but once it reaches the desired sugar content, the wine is fortified to 16% alcohol for a long aging in the criadera system in an oxidative fashion (thus the dark almost rootbeer black color). The resulting Sherry is stunningly complex, with remarkable sweetness, and a rich date, fig, and black walnut character. Silky and beautifully textured, this PX is perfect for many types of dessert, intense blue cheese, ‘syrup’ for your pancakes, or sauce for your ice cream.

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