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Elios Modus Bibendi Bianco Macerate Terre Siciliane 2018 (750 ml)

Elios Modus Bibendi Bianco Macerate Terre Siciliane 2018 (750 ml)

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GRAPES VARIETIES: Catarratto, Zibibbo, Grillo


SOIL: clay, sand, stones

AGEING: 7 months in stainless steel tin

WINEMAKING: natural, spontaneous fermentation

Our vineyards, which extend over three macro-areas located around Alcamo up to a maximum distance of 15 km away, have different soils and microclimates, some are close to the sea and others are more inland, and the grapes reflect this diversity.

Some grapes benefit from a perfect balance and deserve to be vinified on their own, such as those from the Camporeale area, while other grapes have their merits but also some shortcomings.

This is where the ability to interpret your terroir and your grapes comes into play; in our case it has given rise to the blend of our Bianco macerato wine, made from Catarratto grapes from the Monreale area (inland) and Grillo and Zibibbo grapes from Alcamo (near the sea).

The Catarratto gives the wine its acid “shoulder” (which Zibibbo does not have), the Grillo gives it its body (which is useful to tie together the two extreme components of the other two grapes) and the Zibibbo provides the aromatic part; macerating the skins perfectly complements these features.

We make minimum intervention low sulfites wines only with our native Sicilian organic grapes grown between Alcamo, Camporeale and Monreale; areas all located in the north-west part of Sicily.

Grillo, Zibibbo, Nero d'Avola, Catarratto and Nerello Mascalese are the varieties we grow.

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