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Flavia 'Alle' Catarratto/Zibibbo Terre Siciliane White 2020 (1 L)

Flavia 'Alle' Catarratto/Zibibbo Terre Siciliane White 2020 (1 L)

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Vineyard Subregion: Sicily

Farming: Certified organic, Practicing biodynamic

Manually selected from the historic vineyards owned by the Rallo family since 1860. Using native yeasts and no filtering or fining bring out the essence of the terroir.

Catarratto is a very expressive vigorous vine whose aromas are intense. The vines are traditionally planted with saplings, with short pruning and few bunches per plant, in order to obtain grapes with a good aromatic concentration. Catarratto wine has a straw yellow colour, and the bouquet is characterized by aromas of orange blossom, jasmine, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits and white fruit. On the palate it impresses with its lively acidity, well balanced by fruity notes. In the mouth it is fresh, velvety, with momentum and persistence. The Extra Dry Spumante is born from Catarratto.

Zibibbo is an aromatic vine grown mainly in Sicily. The name comes from the Arabic term zibibb, which means dried or withered grapes. It is among the best grapes for drying, also thanks to its resistance to rot. The sweet wines of Zibibbo are extraordinarily rich, deep golden in color, with hints of apricots, acacia flowers and honey. On the palate they are structured, sweet, full-bodied but with a sapidity, acidity and long persistence. Even the dry wines are very aromatic, straw-coloured and with delicate hints of white fruit and flowers.

The Flavia Rebellious Wines family is a mélange of cultural dimensions that derive from skilled hands and industrious minds handed down for four generations who deeply believe in the values ​​of craftsmanship, native vines and the final quality of a wine that is authentic. The family history is made up of rigor and constancy, since 1860 they have taken care of the land and the plants as a mother does with her children.

Young and zealous producers, Flavia and Giacomo Rallo represent the fourth generation of the Rallo family from Marsala. Their philosophy is identified in the enhancement of the pure essence of wine and its nature, practicing sustainable, organic and non-invasive cultivation and production techniques. By honoring the legacy of their progenitor, Flavia and Giacomo want to spread the culture of quality wine by dedicating themselves completely to the creation of native Sicilian wines in which they blend past and present.

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