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Sasaiwai 'Bamboo Celebration' Futsu-Shu (300 ml)

Sasaiwai 'Bamboo Celebration' Futsu-Shu (300 ml)

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Seimaibuai 65%

Rice Niigata

SMV +6

Alcohol 15%

Acidity 1.2%

Amino Acid 1.3

Yeast S-3

Ideal Storage <70F


For everyday drinking but a cut above. Made using a 120 year old recipe involving four stage brewing called Yodan-Jikomi. After the starch has been converted to sugar by the Koji and the yeast has eaten all the sugars, amazake is added then brewer’s alcohol just before pressing off the kasu (sake lees). The result is a dry and rich sake covering all fives tastes. Taste the quality of Niigata rice!


Serve at any temperature you like in any vessel you want. Great with soy braised dishes such as a nitsuke or anything in dashi. 


While a relatively young brewery being only founded in 1899, 90% of their sake is drank right in Niigata so you know this is legit, locals approved. They also do all the polishing of their rice themselves. 

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