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Eikun 'Murasaki: Purple' Junmai Ginjo (720ml)

Eikun 'Murasaki: Purple' Junmai Ginjo (720ml)

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The Murasaki (Purple) label starts with incredibly soft water - basically snow melt from Mt. Fuji lacking any minerals at all. They actually have to use a special Shizuoka yeast 5MT14 for this low mineral environment. The yeast produces pretty grape aromas. The palate is so soft you can taste the water. There’s just a hint of depth from the Okayama grown rice then quite late we notice the elevated acidity which invites intrigue and makes pairings easy. Single pasteurized so best to store cold. 


Chilled or cool in a white wine stem as an aperitif, but better yet with shrimp tempura or clam pasta. 


Eikun’s sake are soft and elegant, based on the local water. Founded in 1881 by Shosaku Mochizuki on the principle of "quality first”. He searched for excellent sake rice from all over the country. Today they carry on this spirit working to save labor, streamline equipment and improve consistency through technology while maintaining the handcrafting of steamed rice, shubo and koji, which determine quality. They have collaborated with sake superheroes such as Marïe Chiba. Check out their pop art label Eikunholic.

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