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Koshiji no Kobai

Koshiji no Kobai 'Sanma' Tokubetsu Junmai MNG (720 ml)

Koshiji no Kobai 'Sanma' Tokubetsu Junmai MNG (720 ml)

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This flips food pairings around so instead of making the food pair with the drink, it makes the drink to pair with the food. Tokubetsu means special so even though this is Ginjo level polish it’s not fruity, it’s all about the local flavor. Hattan Nishiki is normally grown in Hiroshima. Niigata though has a greater diurnal shift resulting in harder rice grains less prone to crumbling during polishing the very large shinpaku (core). The sake is then aged unpasteurized at the brewery to develop richness. The koji keeps working as a low temp Maillard to create nutty aromas. Lots of good acidity on the finish as it is designed to rival oily and fatty fish.


Enjoy not only with silver fish such as the salt-grilled sanma (Pacific saury) on the label, but also savory dishes. Great with cheese and charcuterie, cassoulet, veal saltimbocca.


The Yagi family started brewing sake in coastal Niigata in 1697. They only produce 300 koku a year (6,000 cases), yet they are the off site yeast bank for the local breweries. So their friends Takeda, makers of the Skull series, travel up the coast 15 minutes whenever they need yeast for a batch. They also have access to excellent local rice and clean snow melt water providing them a good canvas to show their skill. 

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