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Mommenpop Blood Orange Aperitif (750 ml)

Mommenpop Blood Orange Aperitif (750 ml)

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Mommenpop BLOOD ORANGE is refreshing, rich, and vibrant. It is citrus-forward and juicy, as though biting straight into a perfectly ripe blood orange. This flavor is peppery and floral, with a subtle warmth. What you might want to drink while you have fresh tomato sauce simmering on the stove and Miles Davis on vinyl. Delicious pre-dinner while snacking on olives, during dinner with your favorite pasta dish, and after dinner with some salt-studded dark chocolate.

750 mL, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)


Originally from Sicily, Moros are known as the deepest-colored of all the blood oranges with flesh ranging from crimson to nearly black. They are sweeter than their orange cousins, with a hint of red berry flavor. Blood oranges need cool nights to ripen, and you know they’re ripe when their flesh turns red. We get perfect weather for this in California.


We source our Pinot Noir from small family-run farms in Napa and Sonoma to make the base wine of our Blood Orange aperitif. The grapes are picked at night to bring them in at optimal acidity and in their most pristine condition. We make a floral, delicate style of Pinot Noir that plays a supporting role vibrant blood oranges.

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