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Štekar Winery

Stekar Rebula (Skin Contact) 2022 (750 ml)

Stekar Rebula (Skin Contact) 2022 (750 ml)

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Stekar Rebula comes from this remarkable grape, which is native to this small little area of the world. It is planted on the famous local Opoka (marl) soils of the area, and was hand-harvested from the hilly and beautiful terrain. As the natural fermentation began, the skins remained with the must for 14 days while in stainless steel, and was then pressed and moved to large, 2000L acacia wood barrles. The time with the skins helps to accentuate the aromatics of the grape, and finishes the alcoholic fermentation after about 20-25 days.  By the following late spring, the wine was bottled unfiltered, and the result is expressive and spectacular.  Aromatic and inviting on the nose, the Rebula showcases great fruit and soft flowers, with an underlining minerality that foreshadows a crisp refreshing quality on the palate.  A complex depth of fruit and mineral sit on the tongue with a particular weighted freshness, making for a stunningly tasty bottle to pair with a dinner table of wide assortments.

The Štekar family started with humble beginnings in the Goriška Brda zone of Slovenia back in 1985, when Roman Štekar began the winery alongside a small agriturismo. Today, his son Jure runs this lovely natural winery in the stunning hills of western Slovenia, being at least the 4th generation of winemakers but with family history dating back to the 1700’s. Originally, they were farmers for a nearby cooperative until the cellar took form, and now they are dedicated to the best fruit they can grow; farming 11 hectares of vines nestled within another 22 hectares of cherry orchards and forest. In 2006, the winery received its organic certification, showing further their commitment to low-impact start-to-finish wine making which they have supported since the beginning. The vines are the most important factor that lead to the incredible depth of Jure’s skin-fermented range, and are the only part of the process that ever sees any sulfite use, and the rest of the process is handling the perfect grapes in the most natural way possible. A wide range in types of woods and their sizes are the predominant vessels in the cellar for natural fermentations as well as aging for development. With no filtration or fining, the Štekar wines result as pure expressions of the local varieties with a soft and delicious approach, making for incredible natural skin-contact wines in the region that is possibly most famous for the category.

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